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Resource Development

Development Assessment


A Resource Development Assessment (RDA) is a preliminary evaluation of the six characteristics of a successful private-sector resource development program. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate the present effectiveness and productivity of the institutional advancement operation and to provide a blueprint for the implementation of an effective and productive program in support of the college’s mission, goals, and objectives.

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Feasibility Study


The Feasibility Study (also sometimes called an "implementation study") is neither a poll nor a survey.  It provides the information necessary to prepare a plan of campaign that will organize the people and the programs to maximize the institution's success.  Seeking the advice and counsel of those people whose time, energy, and money would be essential in a major gifts campaign before they are asked to work and contribute is the key to success, and the feasibility study begins this cultivation.

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Strategic Planning


The Clements Group’s Strategic Planning (SP) service is an established process that enables a college (and/or foundation) to identify strategic goals and objectives, determine the strategies they will implement in order to achieve those goals, and determine the most critical strategic needs over the next three to five years.  The plan is based on the anticipated changes in the organization’s external environment.  These changes will impact the manner in which the organization seeks to achieve its vision and accomplish its mission.  The organization can then develop a flexible financing plan that describes how it will acquire the resources necessary to implement the plan and finance their critical needs.  The process is participatory and can include members of the community as well as representatives of the foundation and/or college.

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Major Gifts Campaigns


A major gifts campaign is generally conducted over a 21- to 36-month period.  The timing of the institution’s ongoing programs and services, as well as other community-based activities, events, and fundraising efforts, are taken into consideration when the detailed plan of campaign is established.

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Board Development


Upon completion of a successful Foundation Board Development program, your institution can expect to have obtained successful strategies for carrying out the major components of an effective resource development program, including annual giving/special events, friend-raising, planned giving, strategic planning, and major gifts campaigns.   

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Gift Planning


Reduced to its essentials, a successful Planned Giving (PG) program is a service-oriented program that gives the opportunity for an individual to arrange their estate in a way that will meet their financial needs, while at the same time assisting the college to fulfill its mission.  A fundamental principle of successful gift-planning programs is long range commitment by the college. 

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Prospect Research


The Prospect Research function for a comprehensive institutional advancement program identifies individuals, corporations, and foundations that have a philosophical rationale for becoming involved in the life of the college and who have the potential to make large gifts.  This process specifies the most effective way to cultivate and solicit major gifts from these sources, while also identifying a significant pool of potential volunteers, future board members, and "friends of the college."

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Alumni Development


Activities associated with alumni development are important elements in a community college's institutional advancement program. Not only is this endeavor a significant way to raise funds but it is an equally important way to enhance volunteerism, establish additional relationships throughout the service area and advance awareness of your college's programs and services, which can result in significant returns for many years.

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