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Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services Rationale


Why should community/technical colleges engage the Clements Group for Institutional Advancement Recruitment?


  • The current average tenure of resource development/institutional advancement officers at community colleges is 30 months
  • Estimated cost for turnover—including salary, benefits, learning curve, and foregone earnings—is over $250,000 per person (contingent upon the institutional advancement function)
  • Many personnel neither understand nor appreciate the critical nature and role of resource development/institutional advancement at their institutions
  • The resource development/institutional advancement function will become more and more important as traditional funding sources become weaker and weaker
  • Typical hiring processes do not utilize people who understand the skills, abilities, and requirements of the position


The Clements Group specializes in serving community and technical colleges and provides a unique opportunity for institutions to obtain well-qualified, highly professional resource development/institutional advancement officers. 


Our experience includes:


  • Twenty-two years of experience in human resource management at the community college level
  • A proven history of successfully training resource development officers at more than 600 community or technical colleges in the processes of establishing and enhancing fundraising programs and managing major gifts campaigns
  • A nation-wide communication network of administrators and seasoned resource development professionals
  • Utilization of experienced resource development/institutional advancement professionals in the screening and interviewing process
  • Specific training of college administration, faculty, and staff as to the critical nature and role of resource development/institutional advancement
  • Utilization of a tested management inventory to identify skills related to setting goals, delegating work, managing time, and solving problems—all critical skills for an effective resource development/institutional advancement officer


Recruitment Service Process


The recruiting service process follows a well-thought-out methodology to ensure success for the institution.  A simplified synopsis of the process CG uses entails:

  1. Determining the current job description of the position to be filled
  2. Interviewing the president, current resource development/institutional advancement staff, and human resource personnel
  3. Reviewing the institution’s current recruiting process and materials
  4. Developing recommended job descriptions and position qualifications
  5. Developing recruitment ads, recommending and determining ad placement locations, and placing ads
  6. Selecting and training initial interview committee
  7. Accepting and screening initial applications
  8. Analyzing profiles for top applicants
  9. Completing reference checks for top applicants
  10. Referring top applicants to institution for scheduling of final interviews

Recruitment Service Outcomes


Here is what you can expect from the Clements Group when utilizing our recruitment services:


  • Development and consensus of the most appropriate and success-oriented  job descriptions for the president and executive director of the foundation as well as the resource development officer
  • Development of a cohesive team of institutional professionals to ensure the right candidates are chosen
  • Determination of the most cost-effective places for advertising of the new positions
  • Determination of a complete and comprehensive questionnaire
  • An initial screening process conducted by the Clements Group to offer ECC only the best candidates of those that applied
  • Recommendations of the best candidates to fill the positions in order to reenergize and reorganize the ECC foundation
  • New candidates hired already familiar with the Clements Group and ready to move directly into the assessment piece

For additional information on recruitment services, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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