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The Clements Group, L.C., is a nationally recognized full-service institutional advancement and effectiveness firm that changes lives and changes communities by:


  • Empowering People
  • Expanding Visions
  • Enhancing Resources
  • Enriching Opportunities




The vision of the Clements Group is to be the premier institutional advancement and effectiveness consulting firm that assists two-year colleges to achieve educational excellence resulting in sustainable community growth and development.


The Clements Group is:


  • A dynamic, innovative, learning organization that responds to changing environments.
  • A client-oriented firm that listens and responds to satisfy client needs and deliver timely and innovative services.
  • A cost-effective, well-run, and well-managed organization that continually invests in research and development, resulting in new products and services highly valued by its clients.




The Clements Group's values include:


  • CLIENT ORIENTATION. Listening carefully and responding promptly to client needs
  • DIVERSITY. Understanding and respecting differences in culture, gender, language, sexual orientation, age, and spirituality
  • ETHICAL EXCELLENCE. Exhibiting uncompromising truth and honesty, adhering strictly to the highest standards of ethics, and maintaining a strict code of fair practices
  • HUMAN CAPITAL. Achieving a learning environment which fosters/enhances the skills, capacities, and well-being of employees in order to help exceed personal and organizational goals
  • INTEGRITY. Having total confidence and trust in the ability and good character of one another and of our clients
  • LEADERSHIP. Teaching clients how to recognize and regularly seize opportunities to be the trustworthy, inspiring stewards that their institutions and communities deserve and expect
  • QUALITY. Maintaining high standards that meet or exceed client expectations
  • SELF-FULFILLMENT. Understanding and achieving one’s maximum potential
  • STEWARDSHIP. Demonstrating accountability and responsibility in client relations and instilling those principles of effective stewardship in relationship to donors
  • TEAMWORK. Working cooperatively together to achieve a common vision and meet client needs
  • VISIONARY ACTION. Thinking futuristically and constantly scanning the environment to improve client services


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