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History of the Clements Group

The Clements Group (CG) was founded as Clements & Associates in 1986 by C. Ray Clements. Since then, CG has expanded to assist over half of all community and technical colleges in the United States.


One of the primary strengths of CG is our commitment to the "community's college." While CG understands the role of community and technical colleges in higher education, we also understand that each has unique constituencies, pockets of excellence, communities, service areas, funding needs, and demographics. Therefore, each service offered by the Clements Group is customized for each client in order to recognize and take advantage of these critical differences.


CG's holistic approach to consultation emphasizes a community college's three primary beneficiaries:

  1. the "community", that benefits through its impact on local economic development;
  2. "business and industry", that benefit through its workforce development programs; and
  3. quality of life, that benefits through its focus on an "individual's" growth and advancement.

These three areas comprise CG's comprehensive Institutional Advancement and Effectiveness Process (IAEP), which is designed to advance community-based visions through the support and development of each college's programs and services.


Since the early days, we have focused on constant review and refinement of our processes in order to make the most of the evolving community college environment, as well as keeping current with philanthropic trends.


Join our client family and discover how community and technical colleges just like yours have used the Clements Group's methodology to raise over half a billion dollars from the private sector.


Our mission is to help you change lives and change communities.


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