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Grants & Contracts

2010/2011 National Grants Survey Executive Summary


Click here to downloadWe are pleased to share the executive summary of the 2010 National Community / Technical College Grants Survey, funded by the Clements Group (CG). One hundred and thirty-three community/technical college grants officers representing 34 states participated in the study. An additional 11 grants professionals, representing community/technical college systems, participated in the survey as well.



Grants and Contracts Snapshot Overview


Securing funding from private foundations or federal, state and public agencies is essential as colleges strive to meet growing student and community demands. By fully and effectively leveraging your college’s grants development staffing and resources, you can obtain critical funding to support strategic initiatives. However, your college may require re-engineering of its current grants operation structure, staffing, systems and/or practices to build a highly successful grants program.

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Grant Implementation Evaluation


The Clements Group's Grant Implementation Evaluation provides a third-party appraisal of your grant. Specifically, we provide an evaluator who administers an objective evaluation (using qualitative and quantitative measures) of grant implementation strategies and achievement of objectives while enhancing the overall performance of your project. The resulting assessment is consistent with the “management and administration” goals and objectives of your grant and the criteria established by the funding authority.

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Grants Strategic Planning Process


The Clements Group’s Grants Strategic Planning Process assists your community college system, college and/or foundation to establish strategic direction and define methods to acquire grants funding in support of its new student services and success models, new or redesigned programs and/or enhancement of teaching/learning excellence.

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Grant Program Design


The Clements Group's Grant Program Design service provides you assistance in the planning, writing and/or reviewing of project goals, objectives, methods, administration and management issues, staffing needs and sustainability. Funders place more emphasis on program design than any other section in a grant. As a result, the careful planning and communication of the program design section is essential in developing a winning grant proposal.

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